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Do it yourself: Have you ever heard about coffee grounds as a beauty product?

Coffee Scrub

Coffee grounds as a Beauty product: Did you know that coffee grounds should be perfect for making various care products, but haven’t tried it yourself yet. In order to close this knowledge gap, we used a rainy weekend and let off steam in the local “coffee spa”. And were thrilled! In this article you will […]

Growing Coffee at Home: How Hobby Gardeners can grow Coffee at Home

Coffee Plant Home Growing

Growing Coffee at home: Many coffee drinkers usually only know the coffee plant as a picture on their coffee pack or from articles about coffee growing. But can you even grow such a plant yourself at home, which will one day bear caffeine-rich coffee cherries? Yes you can! However, with one coffee plant or even […]

Thailand Coffee: This is how hill tribes in Chiang Mai grow their Arabica

Thailand Coffee Beans

The Chiang Mai region in the north of Thailand is known to many Asia fans: Because of the eponymous pulsating city between tradition and modernity, the mist-shrouded mountains and the mystical hill tribes. But only very few people know that high-quality Arabica Coffee is also grown there. Coffee from Thailand is still a rarity in […]

Travel coffee maker: How to prepare good coffee on the go

Travel Coffee Maker

Do I drink the broth that is served to me on the go or do I take my travel coffee maker with me? For us the answer is perfectly clear as soon as we travel. At least when it’s not going to the 4-star hotel – although you cannot even be sure there that the […]

12 Reasons for a coffee maker in the office

Office Coffee Maker

A coffee maker in the office offers many amenities and delivers pure coffee enjoyment at the push of a button within a few seconds. With the ideal coffee supply for your office, you can enjoy the perfect break on a stressful working day. Do you still have to do a bit of persuasion? We are […]