The 6 most popular types of iced coffee for hot Days

Iced Coffee

Summer is finally here. Is there anything more refreshing than a cool, iced coffee in the heat of Summer? Or maybe you enjoy these chilled treats all year long. (We do!) Either way, we’ve got some great recipes for your perusal right here!

Iced Coffee

There are many different types of coffee, but iced coffee is the most popular. It’s so refreshing that it can be served with ice cubes in a chilled glass—sometimes even blended!

Iced coffee is the perfect drink to cool off and caffeinate at once. The iced beans are crushed, ground with water then strained into a cup full of ice cubes. When it’s not winter time or summertime, you can enjoy this delicious beverage in an insulated mug for more warmth on chilly days!

The best way to stay hydrated after a workout is by drinking plenty of fluids during your activity followed up with electrolytes afterwards through Iced Coffee that will help replenish lost nutrients like potassium which keep muscles from cramping while warding off dehydration.

Iced Cappucino

Is there anything better than a cool, iced cappuccino on a hot summer day? The refreshing taste of espresso combined with the sweet milk and ice cream creates an experience that is sure to please. It’s no wonder this drink has been so popular for years!

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is the newest craze in iced coffees. Cold brewing starts by steeping ground beans for anywhere from 6-36 hours, depending on how strong you want your drink to be. Once this process is done and cold milk or cream has been added, it’s ready to enjoy!

The latest trends have taken over when it comes to enjoying a delicious cup of joe: ice brewed blends are all the rage right now! The best part? You can make these yourself at home with just some patience – no need for expensive Starbucks trips anymore!

Iced Cappucino
Iced Espresso

Iced espresso is the perfect drink to go with a hot summer day. You can either serve it black or add some milk, cream, and sugar for sweetener-depending on how your favorite iced coffee tastes like. Iced espressos are also great when you want something special that isn’t available in an “on tap” setting at most cafes: americanos, mochas macchiato’s lattees (and flat whites) all taste better chilled!


Mazagran coffee is the best of both worlds: an iced coffee with a kick. To make Mazagran, combine espresso and lemon juice in equal parts with sugar to taste – or better yet, pour your favorite rum drink into this caffeine-laced concoction for even more flavor!

Mazagrans are perfect when you need some extra energy but don’t want to give up on that morning cup o’ Joe.


Switching to a Nitro Coffee is an easy way to upgrade your morning caffeine routine. Not only does it taste just as good, if not better than regular coffee (as the nitrogen bubbles make for a more velvety texture), but you also get that frothy Guinness-like consistency from its addition too! You can even drink yours with creamy milk or almond mocha instead of black – either way these are two great ways we love our cold brews here at The Brew Baristas.


A frappuccino is a blended iced coffee drink topped with whipped cream and syrup. Coffee lovers will rejoice, while those who prefer tea or other drinks are out of luck! But not all Frapps are made the same: watch out for versions that lack caffeine to avoid an energy crash later on in your day!

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