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Roasting Coffee

Home roasting coffee may be intimidating at first, but the satisfaction of knowing you roasted and brewed your morning coffee from scratch will make it worth it in the end!

Roasting coffee at home is not difficult. All you need are green coffee beans, which you can easily buy in our shop and many other stores online, as well as a roaster. For coffee roasters, prices start at around $ 30 and go up to $ 20,000 for hi-end machines. With a little manual skills, you can also build a coffee roaster with temperature control yourself.

Roasting coffee at home why you should do it too

Roasting your own coffee is the best way to get exactly what you want. Want a Kenyan roast? Roast one! You can also buy honey-processed beans and roast them yourself, if that’s more up your alley. If there are no shops near where you live with lighter or darker roasts than usual, do it at home – roasted coffee always tastes better when done right in front of an open fire for some reason…

Green Coffee Beans

Roasted coffee loses its aroma over time. Do you know how long the coffee beans are roasted when you buy them? Green coffee beans, on the other hand, can be stored for more than 1 year without losing their aroma. If you want the maximum taste then buy green coffee beans and roast them depending on the use. You can’t enjoy your coffee fresher

Which roasting method should you choose?

Roasting coffee at home can be done in several ways. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should think about how much money you are willing to spend and how much coffee you want to roast at home. How much control do you want to have over the roasting process? It’s better to start small to save money and learn the process of roasting coffee and then invest more money later.

One of the most inexpensive DIY methods, roasting coffee is using your oven and skillet to roast. But it’s not for beginners, as you may find controlling airflow difficult with these cooking options.

Popcorn machines are a great way to produce even roasts. They’re easy and quick, making them perfect for small batches of green coffee beans (or other foods) at home or in the workplace. However, they will void your warranty if you use one with mesh screens – as these can cause fires!

Coffee roaster Machine – If you find yourself wanting to roast more coffee or have greater control over the process, then it is time for an upgrade! Choosing between the different brands and models will come down to your personal preferences: how big a capacity do you want? How much control do you want over the roast? And how many pre-sets are there, so that I can make my perfect cup of coffee every morning!

DIY Coffee Roaster
The Roasting Space

Good ventilation is essential for a good roast quality. The ventilation is also for your safety. The best way to roast coffee is under an extractor hood with the windows open or in an open room where the smoke from the beans can escape.

You will also need quite a bit of equipment. A scale is certainly a good investment so that you know how much green beans to roast. If you’re roasting with a popcorn machine, buy a thermometer. Furthermore, a pair of silicone gloves and a fan to cool off the coffee beans are useful.

Roasting your own Coffee

If you have bought a home roaster, the manual can provide useful information on the various settings of the roasting machine. It will often be a good idea to start with the default settings and then gradually adjust the individual parameters. If you start to roast coffee with a popcorn machine, make sure that you don’t overfill it and that the chaff can escape.

The popcorn machine or air roaster will take 8-12 minutes to roast your green coffee beans. The drum roaster is the slowest at around 13-20 minutes. The lower the temperature, the longer the roasting process will take.

The constant movement of the coffee beans is necessary for even roasting. Popcorn machines and household roasters usually do this automatically. Make sure, however, that you don’t overcrowd the machines. Sometimes the engine is simply too weak for the amount of coffee beans.

Roasting Coffee at Home
Cooling and Storage fresh roasted Coffee Beans

As soon as the coffee beans have reached the ideal roast level, take them out of the machine and let them cool down. A small fan helps here when things have to be done quickly. Make sure that the dried shell of the coffee beans (chaff) is completely removed.

To make it easy, pour the freshly roasted beans into a sieve and let air blow through from below. This also helps to remove the chaff. Some DIY coffee roasters also have an integrated cooling program that you can use to cool the coffee beans.

Once the roasted beans have cooled down to room temperature, they can be stored. Avoid light and heat when storing fresh coffee. It is best to store coffee in foil bags or mason jars airtight in a dark, cool place.

To enjoy the freshly roasted coffee, let it ripen for about 2-3 days. The beans degas during this time.

Avoid the common home roasting errors

Even if roasting coffee at home is easy, mistakes can creep in that make the coffee inedible afterwards. We will show you which mistakes can be avoided and how your roasting experience at home will be a success.

Stay flexible with the roasting time! Sometimes the roasting time needs to be adjusted. If you roast coffee in winter, the beans will take longer at the same roasting temperature than in summer. If you now always use the same temperature and time, the beans may not be roasted sufficiently.

Pay attention to the weight! Weigh the green coffee beans before roasting. Deviations in weight can lead to different roasting results. A normal household scale helps enormously!

Try, try and try! No master has fallen from heaven yet and when roasting coffee you have to find out the right amount of beans, time and temperature. However, do not try to set the temperature to the highest level to save time. I have made the experience that mean temperature and more time produce better results.

Trust your eyes and nose! Do not pay attention to the specifications for time and temperature. Experience coffee, feel the beans and smell the aroma. Over time, you can tell whether the beans are finished roasting.

Pay attention to cleanliness! Clean the workplace and the machine after every roast. A forgotten bean, oil, or chaff can ruin your next batch of roasted coffee. Working cleanly pays off when it comes to the taste of coffee.

Keep an eye on the coffee roaster. The beans can sometimes burn very quickly. A short walk to the door while roasting is enough and the batch can no longer be saved. Never leave the roaster unattended. Fires can easily break out here.

Fresh Coffee beans storage
Improve your home roasting experience

If you enjoy roasting coffee at home then take the next step!

Unless you’re roasting a popcorn machine or over the oven, consider buying a home roaster. A home roaster gives you more control over the roasting process and enables better coffee to be roasted.

Practice creates masters! There will never be the perfect roast. There will always be the roast you enjoy. Every time you roast your coffee you will find things that you can change or improve. Here, fun comes first!

Don’t pay too much attention to fixed values ​​for temperature or roasting time. Try to feel your way slowly. Change only one parameter at a time, e.g. Temperature or time and check the effects on the coffee aroma.

Write down roasts in a small book. So you can later find the roast which you liked best and you know directly which beans and settings you used.

Try different coffee beans and types. A coffee from Rwanda tastes different than a coffee from Colombia. The only way to do this is to try it out.

Experience is the most important! The more often you roast coffee beans at home, the better you will get.

All I can do is wish you a lot of fun and success roasting coffee beans at home. If it doesn’t work right away, then don’t despair.

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