12 Reasons for a coffee maker in the office

Office Coffee Maker

A coffee maker in the office offers many amenities and delivers pure coffee enjoyment at the push of a button within a few seconds. With the ideal coffee supply for your office, you can enjoy the perfect break on a stressful working day. Do you still have to do a bit of persuasion? We are happy to help! In this article, we’ll tell you 12 reasons why a coffee machine makes sense in the office and we introduce you to the right models from coffee perfect. At the end there is still a checklist for you to find out whether a fully automatic coffee machine is worthwhile for you.

12 Reasons for a coffee maker in the office

Without coffee, without me: Why a coffee maker makes sense for the office

An office without coffee is a dead office in which very few employees would feel comfortable. For many people, coffee is just as much a part of everyday work as a computer or a telephone. For most of them, it’s just an elixir of life, with no need for work. For this reason, a large majority of employers provide a coffee maker for their office. But which model is the best choice for coffee service in the office?

coffee maker in my office
Find the right coffee machine for your office

The use of a fully automatic coffee maker in the office naturally depends heavily on the preferences of the employees. While some swear by strong espresso as a pick-me-up, others prefer normal filter coffee or milk drinks such as latte macchiato

Always fresh coffee with a coffee maker in the office

If you decide to buy a fully automatic coffee machine for the office, you are also choosing to enjoy freshly prepared coffee at the same time. With a professional fully automatic coffee machine you not only enjoy coffee, but also cappuccino, espresso, white coffee, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato or chocolate coffee.

The diverse selection of coffee specialties in the office coffee machine offers a rich supply of all coffee needs in your company. Even non-coffee drinkers can enjoy a varied selection of cocoa, milk foam and hot water for tea thanks to a hot beverage machine and the topping options.

Coffee just the way you like it

Who does not know this: You like your coffee to be very strong, but your colleagues prefer it to be mildly aromatic. If one jug is supposed to supply several colleagues, the coffee supply in the company with a filter machine is not that easy. There is a middle ground between strong and mild, but in the end it doesn’t really make anyone happy.

This cannot happen to you with a fully automatic coffee machine for the office, because with this all-rounder you get coffee enjoyment according to your individual taste, without having to make compromises. In addition, you can adjust the strength individually with this type of coffee machine for the office. Nobody in the company has to compromise on taste when it comes to coffee supply.

Appreciation of the employees

A coffee machine in the office not only looks chic and modern, but thanks to the 24/7 coffee supply it is also a sign of appreciation for your employees. And if you feel valued, you master your tasks with more motivation and greater ambition. With an excellent coffee supply in the company, it works much better and employee satisfaction increases at the same time.

Less rubbish in the office thanks to a coffee maker
For the environment: Less rubbish in the office thanks to a coffee maker

Capsule and pad machines produce a lot of waste, especially when a large workforce drinks coffee several times a day. If filter coffee machines are used to supply coffee in the office, the filter must be disposed of together with the coffee grounds. Cardboard or plastic cups from various coffee shops also produce a lot of waste that can easily be rented out. A fully automatic coffee machine, on the other hand, only produces coffee grounds.

After your company has been supplied with coffee, it can easily be disposed of with organic waste or used effectively in some other way. We have also researched for you what you can do with coffee grounds. If you share your office with plants, you can use the coffee grounds as fertilizer. This creates even less waste and not only you but also your green plants benefit from the new, clean coffee enjoyment from the fully automatic coffee machine in the office.

Versatile features for optimum coffee supply

If you decide to have an all-round coffee supply in your company by purchasing a fully automatic coffee machine, you can transform your coffee kitchen into an oasis of relaxation. In addition to offering coffee machines for the office, you can pamper your employees with a fresh water dispenser, cup warmer, microwave and many other accessories. A couch and a little green round off the coffee corner and are sure to be very popular with the staff.

Coffee machine in the office makes it cheaper for a cup

Im Verhältnis zu Kapsel- und Padmaschinen liegt der reine Tassenpreis für einen Kaffeevollautomaten im unteren Cent-Bereich. Dies hängt natürlich in erster Linie von der Wahl der Kaffeebohnensorte und deren Preis ab. Unterm Strich sparen Sie aber viel, wenn Sie sich für eine Kaffeemaschine entscheiden, um Ihr Büro mit Kaffee zu versorgen. Kauft man hingegen Kapseln und Pads, ist der durchschnittliche Tassenpreis meist höher und lässt sich bei der Addition der getrunkenen Kaffeemenge deutlich erkennen.

Coffee supply with filter coffee

There are certainly coffee drinkers who prefer the taste of filter coffee. But here, too, we can reassure you. Thanks to the special brewing process, many fully automatic coffee machines can produce both an intense café creme and a mild coffee that is brewed without pressure. For the optimal coffee supply for your company needs, fully automatic coffee machines offer you a diverse selection of coffee to satisfy all colleagues in your office.

Coffee machine in the office: savior on the night shift

Unplanned night shifts are more common in our society and modern economy than we’d like. Being productive or available 24 hours a day has long been a thing of the past. Some night owls may be happy when nobody in the office contests their space at the coffee machine at night. But many early birds suffer particularly from unplanned long working days and nights.

Coffee Office Night Shift

Since most people’s performance curve is sinusoidal, concentration drops noticeably and it is particularly difficult to return to the previous level of work. If you know in advance that there is still work to be done, you can better prepare for the mission with enough sleep the night before. You should also drink enough and be careful about eating properly. Light meals are best to avoid the notorious “soup coma”. Many people swear by the coffee machine in the office to survive such long nights in the office.

Reward yourself after a good night for the work you have done and then quickly return to your usual sleep rhythm.

Effect of coffee

The stimulating effect of coffee is undisputed: one cup contains 100mg of caffeine, which stimulates the circulation, dilates the blood vessels and improves the blood flow to the brain. The effects of the caffeine take effect approximately 20 to 30 minutes after you have consumed it. In smaller doses, coffee can help maintain the ability to concentrate, so that even time-sensitive projects can come to an end.

The coffee beans come to your office

The coffee is all. A horror scenario for every company that you can easily deal with a delivery subscription from Amazon. Simply select your favorite coffee beans and the delivery interval and you will always have enough fresh coffee beans in the office. You will never be left on dry land and guarantee an all-round coffee supply in your company.

Easy cleaning

Many coffee machines already have automated cleaning programs and are ideal for use in the office. Who wants to clean the fully automatic coffee machine at work? Treat yourself to this convenience and start future programs at the push of a button, such as steam cleaning, intensive cleaning programs or descaling.

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